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  • Safety: CHS Closed Campus Update

    Nearly all high schools have short lunch periods, generally between 30 and 40 minutes. The time pressure to get lunch and get back to class creates a near road race mentality, and that is part of the problem.

    The most compelling reason to close high school campuses during lunch is the same reason that elementary and middle/Jr. high schools campuses are closed -- student safety.


    A closed campus is safer for students. The likelihood of a fatal automobile accident in a high school cafeteria is minimal. The ability for school administrations to control who is allowed on campus is greatly enhanced.


    Cited from


    Beginning with the 2015-16 school year, we will be phasing in a Closed Campus for students. We are concerned about student safety and providing appropriate supervision of students during the school day. We cannot supervise students when they are off campus during lunch.


    There is a perception that most students are leaving campus to eat lunch. However, in a survey conducted in the spring of 2015, the number of students purchasing lunches at local establishments was actually quite low.


    In 2015-16, seniors only will be eligible to apply for off campus permits. Beginning in 2016-17, there will be no off campus permits issued.


    Students with legitimate reasons to leave campus will still be able to do so with prior permission.

    • We will be printing our own student IDs this year, and students who are in Pi, Running Start, or Skills Center will have special IDs that identify them and their schedules.
    • Students with appointments should continue to sign out through the office.



    We will continue to work with Food Services to provide food options on campus and also expect to increase opportunities for student clubs/activities at lunch.


    We never know what accident, problem, or tragedy we prevent.



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  • Back to School Info

    8/19 Football practice begins.

    8/24 Practice begins for girls' soccer, boys' tennis, and volleyball
    8/25 High School office opens 
    9/3 Cowboy Day 
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  •  Sports Physicals

    Jefferson County Public Health is offering SPORTS PHYSICALS to any student athlete by appointment.


    We bill insurance, or provide services based on sliding fee scale.


    The following dates are planned now for the start of the 2015-2016 school year:


    Chimacum School Based Health Center

    Tuesday August 18          9am-3pm

    Friday August 21               9-3

    Wednesday August 26   9-3


    Call 360-385-9400 for appointments

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  • Summer School Application


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  • E-Cigarette Information

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  • Marijuana Use Prevention

    As you are aware, marijuana was legalized in our state this past year, and licensed stores will begin selling marijuana in the Spring. However, marijuana use is still illegal for anyone under the age of 21. Research shows that parents are the primary influence on their child’s behavior, making parents essential to prevention. Here are some helpful prevention guides.

    Marijuana - What Parents Need to Know (pdf)

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  • Interested in getting secure text message updates about CHS? This is a secure system through that keeps your number and my number secret.

    Send a text to 206-557-6568; in the message section post @chima ; when you get a message, reply with your first and last name only  CHS Remind 101 Instructions
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