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May 26, 2015

Dear Eagle Parents,

The end of the current school year is quickly approaching and before we know it, students and staff will be off to summer break.  We have had a wonderful year at Chimacum Middle School and much of the reason why is all the hard work of our Eagle staff, students, and our many parent volunteers.  We never say “thank you” enough, but to all of you that have helped make this year a positive experience: Thank you!

The last three weeks of school are a busy time and we want to make all of you aware of some important events and activities, many of which we would like to invite you to take part in.  Also, we want to remind you that the last day of the school year is now Monday, June 15, which will be a late start/early release day.  No special events are scheduled for that day (except for a free lunch provided to students by the ASB!) and students will just go to each class period for a short time.  If you have already made plans to be gone on June 15th then please let the front office know that your student will be gone.

Friday, June 12 is now a full day of school and it will be filled with lots of year-end activities, many of which we hope parents will participate in. The schedule on that Friday will be:

7:45      All students to their 1st period classes.

7:55      8th graders excused to MS commons for an 8th grade breakfast; parents are invited and encouraged to come (please RSVP to the office if   you plan to come).

9:10      All students excused for staff-students games (rainy day means volleyball and sunny day means softball); parents are invited to participate with the staff against our mighty Eagle students!

10:45    Student lunch in the MS commons (please RSVP if you would like to eat lunch with your student).

11:15    All students report to their 3rd period classes.

11:30    End of year Awards Assembly and Talent Show in the Auditorium; parents are invited and encouraged to come.

2:20      Assembly and school day over.

It will be a fun-filled day and we hope our Eagle parents can take part.  It will be a great way to send our 8th graders off to high school and a fun end of year day for the returning Middle School Eagles. Students, please remember to leave your bags and backpacks at home on both Friday and Monday as you will not need them for books or homework.

Please contact the front office if you have any questions.

Stuart Prince, Sr.


June 12th is now a full day and the last day of school is now June 15th. Please read this LETTER from the Chimacum School District Superintendent for more information.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Beginning Monday, May 4th Chimacum Middle School will begin using the new statewide assessments in all grades in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics, these are known as the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium or SBAC. These assessments are an important way for us to see student progress and they are a snapshot into your child’s academic progress. The middle school SBAC testing will continue through May 15th for 7th and 8th graders and June 2nd for 6th graders. There will be some students doing make-up testing through June 5th.  All students are required by the state to take this assessment, but more importantly, the results will provide all of us with important information about student progress.

Teachers have been working throughout the year to help students prepare for these assessments. There are also many ways you can help your child prepare at home.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep.  Studies show that students who get at least eight hours sleep do better during testing.

  2. Eat a good breakfast/lunch.  Although we will provide healthy snacks during the testing times, getting a substantial breakfast before leaving for school will help with focus and understanding.

  3. Get some exercise. Testing can be stressful, getting out and moving around the evening before testing will make for better focus and understanding.

  4. Reduce stress.  Distractions at home and at school can get in the way of focus and concentration. 

The testing schedule for each grade is posted on the CMS website; please note that different grades levels are testing at different times and days.  Also, these are not timed exams and students do not need to rush through them, instead we want to focus on getting things done right more than just getting them done.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and, as always, that you for supporting the Eagle community!

Stuart G. Prince


HERE is the 2015-2016 school calendar.
Attention families of current 5th grade students:
Read our Spring Newsletter Now!
On Site Weather Station

Get current weather information from Washington State University and their AgWeather site.  The station is located on the CSD campus and provide 24-hour a day weather details.

Chimacum Weather Information 

Co-Ed Track Schedule-Spring 2015
Practice started April 13th and is from 2:30 - 4:00 pm every day.

Team Schedule
04/29/2015 Wed. 3:15 PM @ Crescent School
05/06/2015 Wed. 3:15 PM @ Sequim MS
05/13/2015 Wed. 3:15 PM @ Stevens MS
05/20/2015 Wed. 3:15 PM @ Crescent School
05/27/2015 Wed. 3:15 PM @ Blue Heron MS
06/02/2015 Tue. 3:15 PM @ Stevens MS
Technology Allows Holocaust Conversation
7th grade students in Ms. Berg's Humanities class have been studying the holocaust and the impact of discrimination in world history and in our world today.   Using technology in a powerful way, 7th grades used Skype to have a conference with a camp survivor.  Students in the class prepared questions and then took turns sitting on the webcam and asked her questions about the holocaust and her views on the very real racial and ethnic discrimination that still impacts society.
Eagle Night, March 24 
Here are pictures of our Eagle Night 2015 in case you were not able to be there.
The second annual Eagle Night will be held Tuesday, March 24 in the middle school gym, it will run from 5 PM to 7 PM.  This curriculum night is a chance to see examples of student work in Humanities, Science and Math.  Last years event was attended by nearly 200 people and was an exciting opportunity to see student work and some of the amazing things that go on at CMS. Parents who have children enrolled in the Read 180 program will have the opportunity to view the library, see the software, and look through their child's portfolio, which will have work samples and possibly reports.
Also, for 8th grade parents, the Outdoor Odyssey team will do a presentation,at 6 PM in room 403, on the exciting changes to this years program which will be held at Nature Bridge on Lake Crescent.  A representative from Nature Bridge will be there to answer questions.
Outdoor Odyssey

Dear Eagle Parents,

As we move into the second half of the school year, I feel it is important to update you on outdoor education information and some changes that are coming down the line this year and next. 

As you know, the three outdoor education programs at CMS have been a source of pride for a long time, and rightfully so.  The opportunity to learn in an outdoor environment is something few schools have access to these days.  One of the major reasons is the costs involved. 

Over the last several years, all three of our programs have run a deficit totaling about $10,000 each year.  This amount is supplemented by nearly 22% of our building budget.  This is money that cannot be spent on curriculum, training for teachers, technology, or other building needs.  In December, I met with all three programs and charged them to find ways to make their programs break even or close.  The Odyssey team, which had the largest annual deficit of $4000 in 2014 with a projected $5000 deficit in 2015 began to look at ways to increase revenue and cut costs.

Two weeks ago, the Odyssey staff, Mr. Morton, Mrs., Berreth, Mrs. Waring, Mr. Gonzalez, and Mrs. Clifford brought to me a proposal to make changes to this year’s program. After looking at their proposal and how it will benefit students and maintain a similar budget to last year, and visiting the new camp, I supported their decision.

With that, the 2015 Odyssey program will be slightly different. The program will run from Monday, June 8 through Thursday, June 11 (please note this is the correct date, the letter home had a date error) and will be held at the Nature Bridge Environmental Center on Lake Crescent in Olympic National Forest.  This is an exciting change as Nature Bridge is an overnight learning center where kids use inquiry-based learning and hands-on instruction in an outdoor education setting to study the Pacific Northwest environment and local history. Please go to to see the website and see what a day at Nature Bridge looks like. 

Nature Bridge is taught by on-site teachers who focus on areas such as life and marine science, watershed studies, and earth science.  Their lessons are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.  Hikes will focus on local history and experiments, classrooms are designed for students to be hands on, and evening activities are designed to further expand student learning through guest speakers and presentations.

Although this date change will keep some costs under control this year, a solution is still needed to ensure that these programs can be maintained over the long term.  To do this, each program has asked for a fee increase for their program.  If approved by the school board, this fee increase will go into effect beginning with the Cispus program in September, 2015.  The proposed fee increases do not effect the current years programs.  The costs quoted to families at the beginning of the school year in September are still the costs in place the 2014-15 school year. 

Also, to help support our programs, each outdoor education program will begin fundraising activities.  You may have already noticed some, or they are beginning in the next few weeks.  We ask you to help support these fundraisers as the money helps us send students who cannot afford to go and also some 'extras' that are not built into the program costs.  Even more, feel free to contact myself or a staff member about how you can help, we love to work with involved parents.

Please contact any one of the Outdoor Odyssey staff members or myself if you need additional information, we would be glad to speak to you about these changes or anything else of concern.

Stuart Prince, Sr.
CMS Principal 
OlyCap Headstart opportunities
now available!
Please click on this link for more information: Headstart
Many states are experiencing measles this winter and the Jefferson County Health Department has informed schools that students who have not had the illness will be impacted significantly if a case is reported in our school district.
If a confirmed case of measles is reported and linked to Chimacum schools, all unvaccinated children will be excluded from that school for 21 days.
Please read This letter from JCPH  for more information.  

Family and Emergency Contact Information

Each students file has a section available for family and emergency contact information. If you have not supplied the school with emergency contact information or if your home, work, or emergency contact information has changed since the start of the school year then please contact the Middle School office immediately to update your child's records. If a student becomes ill or is injured while at school we may find it impossible to get in touch with parents/guardians/emergency contacts without accurate contact information. It is vital that the school office be contacted promptly when changes occur regarding addresses, phone numbers (home, cell, and work), and guardianship so as to allow us to provide prompt and appropriate care for our students.
After School Policy
In order to maintain a safe and secure facility, students may not be at school, or on campus after school unless they are participating in an after school activity. According to page four of the Student Handbook (
Campus business hours are from 7:15 AM to 2:45 PM....Students are not allowed to be on campus before or after these times unless they are part of a school sponsored activity or are working directly with a staff member and under that person’s supervision. Otherwise, students are expected to leave campus immediately after school.
This means that students may be at activities like sports, tutoring, or even Teen Center as a participant, but cannot be waiting on campus for friends to finish those activities.  Students found on campus after school who are not at activities will be asked to leave immediately.  If they do not, then they may receive school discipline and/or be arrested for trespassing. Making sure all students on campus are where they are supposed to be helps us reduce issues of vandalism and campus damage.
Welcome back to the 2014-2015 school year.
Dear Eagle Families, 
Welcome back Eagles, I hope all of you are enjoying the last days of summer as the staff is preparing for an exciting school year.  Some changes are coming to Chimacum Middle School this fall and we want to keep you all up-to-date on this important information. First, we want to welcome our newest Eagle staff, Miss Amber Hurst comes to Chimacum all the way from Ohio and will be teaching 7th grade science this year. We are excited to have Miss Hurst as part of our team. Some structural changes will be coming to the school day, students will be attending in a five period day, instead of six, with a new class design, Humanities, taking the place of Social Studies/Language Arts.  Humanities is the integration of Language Arts standards taught through the Social Studies content; students will get all their reading and writing skills taught in Humanities, but they will practice them in Social Studies, Math, and Science so all students see that reading and writing is not just about one class, but involves all aspects of our everyday lives.   Teachers will be working in grade level teams and teaching core classes in 83 minute periods.  So, all 7th graders, for example, will be shared between three teachers for Humanities, Science, and Math.  This will allow teaching teams to do more in-depth work with students and integrate curriculum more easily. Electives will be at the end of the day, 4th and 5th periods, and will remain 50 minutes, just as in past years. When you come in to school this year, you will find a freshly painted facility.  All walls in the middle school hallways, and some classrooms, have been repaired and freshly painted.  I honestly believe that students take more pride in themselves when they have pride in their school, this is the first step toward giving Chimacum Middle School students a facility they can be proud of.  Over the next few years, we expect to see even more upgrades to the school, campus, and entire district. Eagle Day, August 28 will no longer include an evening element. After tracking turnout to the evening event, low numbers have suggested to us that parents do not want to come back in the evening for a second school event in the same day, so we will be providing that same information to families during Eagle Day, please look for information about this in coming days.  Look for some changes in grading and assessment as well.  Four teachers will be piloting Standards Based Grading (SBG).  If your student’s teacher is doing it, you will receive a letter home explaining how it will work.  SBG will allow students and you, as a parent, to get more specific feedback on how your student is doing on the Common Core State Standards and in class, which are the foundation of the new state required assessment (SBAC).  SBG removes non-academic factors from grades, so you know if a student’s truly understands the concepts and skills they must know to be successful.  In the end, the school and our students cannot be successful without your continued support.  In my first year, I was impressed by the number of involved, caring parents and families.  I hope we continue to see this in the future and I encourage you to visit us and see all the good things happening at CMS.
Go Eagles!
Stuart G. Prince, Sr.   Principal  
Chimacum Middle School
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Chimacum School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Rich Stewart, Superintendent is designated to handle questions and complaints of allegations of alleged discrimination.

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